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 How Day/Night Cycle works

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PostSubject: How Day/Night Cycle works   How Day/Night Cycle works Icon_minitimeFri Dec 17, 2010 11:16 am

Hey There.
With the Release from Night time many pepole think: "The Cycle is running at the same time as NFS World Servers Time"
But thats wrong. The Need for Speed World Art Director, Eduardo Agostini said how the cycle works on World Garage:

Quote :
Here's the deal with how night works. It's NOT based on any server time. It's based on a rough 6 hour cycle (I say rough because it's not exact so that it will slowly offset day over day and you won't always get night at the exact same moment). This is so people that only play at night will have a chance to experience the other times of day as well.

We have 7 skies in total.
Sky 0 = dawn. Night lighting and car headlights are on.
Sky 1 = early morning. Same sky as 0 but brighter and night lighting and headlights are off.
Sky 2 = noon. Bright sun.
Sky 3 = afternoon.
Sky 4 = late afternoon.
Sky 5 = sunset.
Sky 6 = dusk. Same sky as 5, but darker and with night lighting and headlights on.
Sky 7 = night. Sky is moody with it being half overcast and half pitch black. Night lighting is on and headlights are on.

The skies do not blend automatically. It will switch during a load or in a tunnel. The lighting WILL start to blend towards the next sky though (shadows will move, etc, colors will start to shift) So if you park and leave and then return and do a load you may see a big jump in the cycle and have missed the night section completely.

You can read on World Garage: Link

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How Day/Night Cycle works Empty
PostSubject: Re: How Day/Night Cycle works   How Day/Night Cycle works Icon_minitimeFri Dec 17, 2010 9:02 pm

Really nice thank you!
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How Day/Night Cycle works
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